On this page it is possible to find various material, mainly my works from my studies in mathematics and physics.

The Physics bachelor’s thesis has a double purpose: firstly I verified the agreement of two different results of the Higgs transverse momentum distribution in perturbative QCD in the limit of little transverse momentum, and then I investigated which of the two expressions gives rise to the more broadly valid approximation of the exact result.

In the Mathematics bachelor’s thesis, I introduce and exhibit the solution of the Yamabe problem for smooth Riemannian manifolds not locally conformally at of dimension greater than or equal to 6. A significant part of the work is devoted to the set up of a clear and coherent environment where to elegantly solve the problem.

During my first year of master’s in mathematics, at the University of Cambridge, I wrote a part III essay on the positive mass theorem. The goal was to write down a rigorous and detailed proof of this famous result of mathematical relativity, that can be read by any student with a good knowledge of geometry.

In the summer between my first and second year of master’s, I had an internship at the computer science department of the University of Cambridge. I formalized with the help of the proof assistant Lean some differential geometry in dependent type theory. Here you can find a short summary of my work. Here there is a link to the presentation video I made for the CMP final talk.

Here you can find a small remark on connections on vector bundles, which is the result of a cathartic process I went through when studying differential geometry for the Part III exam. I could not find this remark anywhere on the web.